Yay I have been using the exercise bike for 4 weeks now. A month give or take. And I am still loving it. I started off by just using the bike in the evenings to make up my missing 10,000 steps. But then I started to go on the bike even when I had done my steps for the day. My routine now is to get up just a bit earlier in the mornings and cycling for between 30 to… Read more »

So I was telling you about how I had to get my arse into gear if I wanted to loose any of this weight. Two weeks into the 10,000 steps a day and I was struggling to get out and walk everyday. There was that thing called life that kept cropping up. Kids needed to be fed, housework refused to do its self and although I say my sons socks could walk to the washing machine themselves, guess what, they never… Read more »

….I had a birthday. I am starting to hate birthdays as I not really getting into this getting older lark. Its cruel, unfair and not particularly kind. Plus also I a real hatred for ‘odd’ ages. I like all the even ones but not odds. I don’t have a dislike to odd numbers anywhere else in my life just in my age. So on the eve of my ‘odd’ birthday I decided enough is enough and I needed to make… Read more »

Life feels like it is one step forward and two steps back at the moment. But also, in a strange way, feeling sort of positive too. I sort of feel like a duck, rather still and stagnant on the surface but flapping my feet like mad underneath it all. Nothing seems to be straight forward these days.To do one thing there always seems several other things that have to be completed first. So energy and time is feels wasted on… Read more »

So I ended my last post telling you how much I weigh. Not sure if you realise how much of guarded secret that has been up to now. So you really are quite honoured. So how have I been managing on the slim fast the last few days. Well its easier than I thought it would be and have though been a bit hungry I know that bit will get better once my stomach forgets the huge portions I use… Read more »

I have been trying to get this post written for like ever. We had a lovely quiet but manic festive season and secretly glad its all over. Though I have made mental note to be be a better festive person next year as I really did suck at it this year. So new month, new year and new lots of other things too. But where to begin. I have never been that big on doing resolutions as I tend to… Read more »

It’s no secret that in my house I am the biggest kid when it comes to Christmas. I am always the one who is eager to put the tree up and normally keep decorating and tweeking right up to Christmas Eve. I am also the one who is keen as mustard to get the tree down again soon as and have the house back to normal. But the bit that makes me the most excited is the strange days between… Read more »