Getting Old

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A recent shopping trip with my oldest teen was destined to go one of two ways. I would either come back trying to relive my youth, defying any aging process that was going on and trying to convince myself and her that my 40+ body would indeed fit and look good in teen fashion. Or [...]

Biscuit Banishing


There is one thing I am learning rather fast is that after hitting 40+ the slightest thing goes straight to my belly…my hips…my thighs….Hell it goes everywhere. One of the worse culprits  are biscuits. Probably the best tip of all is to keep biscuits out of the house in the first place, banish them from [...]

I Have Been Running !!!!

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This is a major achievement for me. Me, who can’t even run upstairs, has started with baby steps, and I mean really small and slow. So the true sentence should be that I ran to the car. Hey that counts too. Well it started with me wanting to be able to walk every day to [...]

Fresh start, new career

It’s never too late to start again when it comes to considering a change of career. Although it may seem worrying to be embarking on something different, it can be undeniably exciting for those who feel they are stuck in a rut in their current type of work. Setting a new series of goals may [...]

Redecorating the home following a divorce

After the pain and emotional roller coaster ride of divorce, many women channel their energies into redecorating the home. As cathartic experiences go, removing all traces of your ex is hard to beat – who wants to be reminded of the past every time you look at some wall art you chose together? Say goodbye [...]

6 Foods That Help Keep You Young

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I am all for trying to defy the aging process and if I can do it naturally then that’s even better. Fed up with hearing all the things that are bad for me I have dug out a few foods that are good for me (and you) for other reasons than not being covered in [...]

A Mini Triumph

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This week I had a mini triumph which, at the time pushed, me to my limits but now fills me with a teeny little bit of self pride. Living in Cornwall we are very lucky to have some really awesome views and walks. Most of which I haven’t conquered. We also have moors. Famous backdrops [...]