Bingo does help take the load off one’s chest a great deal

I have always been a very ambitious lady and have had a career in the corporate field for a long time. But now things have changed, and because of unfortunate turn of events I have been out of it for nearly two years now. In this blog I wanted to share with you my experience […]

How To Boost Your Productivity


How To Boost Your Productivity There would be times that we have a lot of things to do and we have to increase our productivity to finish our to’-do’s in a specific span of time. However, we sometimes find ourselves wasting the free time that we have by procrastinating. If you want to boost your […]

How To Stop Complaining


One of the habits that it is hard to let go would be complaining. This can be done however, by disconnecting any undesirable behavior from your identity. Start taking responsibility for all your thoughts and whenever negative images start haunting you, take the other direction and replace them with positive thoughts. You still have total […]

How To Be An Early Riser


Getting up before sunrise can be discouraging, especially if you are not used to getting out of bed before the sun is out. However, getting up early is needed especially if you want to make it to work on time. The truth is, being an early riser does not solely depend on your alarm clock […]

The Must Read Top 10 Personal Development Books

You can change your life and improve yourself with the help of personal development books. Below are ten must read books that could help you improve your life. How To Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie) This is a good book discussing interpersonal relations and the fundamental principles when it comes to dealing with […]

Goal Setting Secrets: How To Set Goals And Achieve Them


We all have our own personal and career goals, and we often set aggressive and ambitious goals just to chase after them. Once we start to hit road bumps, we become demotivated and discouraged to pursue our goals. What determines your success is how you react to challenges and how you will still pursue your […]

This So Sucks

Coming off meds isn’t something anyone should do without consulting their doctor and not to be done lightly. I followed all the recommendations and talked to my doctor. I tapered off my dosage, which took forever, and ate healthily and sensibly. It still sucks. In hindsight I should have come off a lot slower. Two […]

This World Exasperates Me

The last two days have really show me what the world is like outside my 4 little walls. And it’s not all roses . I had an attack on my hotmail email . Well attack isn’t quiet right, someone somehow got gold on an invoice I created on a third party account and decided to […]

And So A New Episode Begins

For over 4 years I have had to take medication (amitriptyline)  for my M.E. Not something I enjoyed that much as I don’t like being dependent on a tablet. When I first started taking them it was a godsend and really did help with the pain. Amitriptyline is basically a antidepressant but it has a […]

Gallstones – Not Bundles of Joy

Had a new thing start, not a nice new thing either. Gallstones. Oh what bundles of little joy they aren’t. I had heard it be said that the pain of gallstones is up there with giving birth. I have given birth twice. The first was an epidural birth seeing as I had preeclamsia. Upside didn’t […]