You Know Your a FitBit Addict When….

ScreenHunter_89 Feb. 11 11.29

Last year I bought a FitBit for myself for my birthday. Its advertised as a pedometer that can sync with an app on your phone or on the computer to keep a tally on how many steps you do a day. They reckon you should aim for 10,000 a day and this little fitbit ideally […]

The Month Without Sugar

I have been trying to get to this post for days…ok weeks. January was a chocolate free zone in my house as the other half declared he wanted to try not eating chocolate for a month. To be fair it was a very bold decision for him as being a chocoholic was his life. The […]

Healthy cooking options and how to involve children

You may well be familiar with the constant moaning from newspapers and media commentators that nobody knows how to cook anymore. Apart from that being palpably rubbish ¬– the vast majority of people know how to cook perfectly well, they just often don’t have the time they would like to do it – these sorts […]

Goodbye Chocolate

chocolate (800x533)

The other half decided the before Christmas that he wanted to see if he could go the whole of January without chocolate. What with festive food being everywhere and chocolate being everywhere it was all to easy to eat a lot of the stuff. I realized I was eating a lot of the stuff too […]

Make Goals Work

I never use to be a goal person. I thought I was being all hip and groovy by living life as it happened and proudly not having goals in life. I then started to get arsy with myself because I was not achieving anything. But how could I get anything achieved when I had nothing […]

Why Am I Beating Myself Up With My Weight?

On my walk  back from the supermarket today I got thinking. For the past 4 years I have been trying to loose weight. Trying in vain I might add. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has made the scales wobble in the right direction. In fact the more I tried the more weight I put on and the […]

The Bad Side of Living With M.E

Living with M.E is not only a roller coaster but it hurts. On bad days it hurts a lot. And when I say a lot I mean in the way that you try and be as still as you can because even moving your eyeballs is excruciating. I’m having a bad M.E day today. But […]

Things Definitely Not to Try When Your Over 40


Life is fun, exciting, weird, hard-work and lots of other things and when you just think its going ok you turn 40. Then the whole life game thing changes gear. Days go as fast as minutes and everything you take for granted becomes utter hard work. I like to think of myself as still a […]

My Meal Replacements Experience

Over the last few weeks I have been trying out some meal replacements. They are all the buzz at the moment on the social channels with people posting their before and after pics. That’s brilliant …for them. For me I had a different results. I started off trying Slimfast as it was on offer. It […]

Holiday Advice Please

Me and the other half have never been on a proper holiday together. Nope, not in the 9 years we’ve been together. He has been most places and easier to as where he hasn’t been but that was all before me of course. Me? Well we went to Spain for a mild week in October […]