16 Year Old Me ..Listen Up

this is me7 June – 13 June : 10 things you would tell 16 year old you.

16 year old me you say. That is an awfully long time ago you know, oh heck just worked it out , 26 years to be precise. Right time transported me, listen up. I have ten things I need to tell you.

First ignore any doubts or fears you have about your body. Its seriously is the best time your body will be so flaunt it..well not flaunt it in that sense but don’t be afraid to show it off a little. Its not fat in any way nor is it too skinny. You will go on to experience the extremes of this in later life so enjoy your 16 year old body.

Ignore the doubts and fears of going to college. You will regret not going on to college many years later.

Keep in touch with your school friends. You may think you will always be friends with the girls from school but trust me, in 26 years time when your daughter is saying the same thing you will wonder how they are all doing.

Learn this phrase early. Happiness is an inside job. Again trust me when I say this is true. You will spend many years beating yourself up over a few things and people. If only you could realise happiness is an inside job earlier you will be happier a lot earlier in life.

Before the end of your 16 year you will move house. Not with your Mum and Dad but just yourself. My first instinct is to say don’t do it, but it will be the making of you and will help you form the characteristics you will need later in life.

Cherish your care free spirit as it will not stay with you long.

Ditch the anger. For someone so small you don’t half pack a punch and in more ways then one. Learn earlier that you don’t need all that anger to get anywhere in life.

At 16 you thought you would never marry, never divorce and never have children. Small hint the complete opposite happens and you survive.

Guard your heart more. Your a bit away with the fairies when it comes to giving your heart away. Its precious and can be easily bruised.

You don’t know it all.

Well I hope the 16 year old me listens. What would you tell the 16 year old you?

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