And We Have Grown

Have had a bit of a strange week this week. All rather busy and upside down. I haven’t been able to get this weeks this is me post up. But I will be back to it this Friday. Its been planned for months but this week my other half went and picked his 16 year old daughter up to live with him at his parents. I am effectively , all but a piece of paper, a step mum. Its all rather new and admittedly a bit strange. My OH didn’t get to see his daughter growing up so there is a lot of catching up to be done all round.

Its all new for my two as well. The have never had to share my OH . They have never called him Dad or thought of him as Dad as they have a Dad and my OH has always been firm that he isn’t there to take their Dads place in any way. But all that said he is a father figure of sorts to them and there are things they would go to my OH too instead of their Dad.

One of the biggest things we are getting use to is that we are a talkative always doing something bunch and OH’s daughter is very quiet and less active. But it is early days. No doubt it will change.

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