Annoying Habits or Day 19

I love my children with all my heart and would unconditionally do anything for them. But both of them have the most annoying habits that would send the sanest person to drink. Actually if I sat down and really thought about it there probably are loads more annoying habits that I am ignoring.

My sons number one, most annoying habit is his…’just got to…’ habit. Every time I ask him to do something he will guaranteed say ‘I just got to…’ it can be anything from just reading to the bottom of the page to just see the end of this programme. Take the other day I was putting the washing on the airer and had taken off the dried washing so I ask him to come and pick up his washing. ‘I just got to finish watching this man walk down the road a second’ admittedly after watching the man walk down the road (he was dressed really weirdly in a willy wonker type way) he picked up his washing and put it on his bed. I was still in the hall arguing with the airer so asked him to put his nice clean washing away. The reply? ‘ yeah I just got to do something’ completely oblivious to the fact that I could see him and he was standing there doing nothing.

I have asked him why he does it and he didn’t know he was doing it. I haven’t made a scene about it and just joke about it so that he is aware he is doing it. But on it still goes.

My daughters’ most annoying habit is that nothing is her fault. It’s almost as if she has a default answer for anything and everything and it’s always ‘it’s not my fault’. You would think at some point in her life I had go at her about something being her fault and she has never got over it but I honestly can’t think of anything. For example last week it was mock gsce result time. As she went off to school I wished her luck with her results. Her reply was ‘well if I do badly it’s not my fault‘.  But it’s also the default answer for the day to day things. I went into the kitchen the other day and there were mugs on the side instead of in the dishwasher. (Come on it’s only a few more inches downwards and only a few more seconds to open the dishwasher door). So I yell out who left the mugs on the side and she replies ‘it’s not my fault someone else left a mug there first’.

I can argue that something is her fault and bang on about cause and consequence till the cows come home. Doesn’t do anything.

So my dearest children if you ever read this please stop doing the above or at the very least I hope your children inherit the same habits.


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