Day Three or I Take On the Wii Fit

Back long ago I had a lovely slim body. I was secretly smug that I didn’t have muffin tops and my tummy was flat. Then I blinked. Now my muffin tops have their very own muffins and a flat tummy is hided under baggy clothes and an abundance of excess fat. Lovely. Having M.E does mean I can’t suddenly join a gym or pop out and do a couple of miles in the trainers. If I did it would be nothing short of a miracle but also I would pay for it in days to come. I have been very good and made yet more changes to my lifestyle. I already stopped alcohol several years ago and turned vegetarian 2 years ago. Just before Christmas I swapped sugar for sweeteners and have no caffeine at all. And now I have banned chocolate till my birthday (thankfully it’s in February) as well avoiding all things biscuit and cakey.


By chance a friend decided to sell her Wii which included a Wii fit board. I was sold. Several hours later (see the note at the bottom) I was nervously pulling off my socks to jump on the Wii fit board. I have never played with a Wii before although my kids are experts as they have one at their dads. I spent far too long making my Mii but eventually decided what eyebrows I actually have.

The Wii weighs you, asks a few questions and then sets you some tasks to determine your Wii age and your BMI. Just a tad scary. I wobbled my way through the exercises and as you progress it gives you more exercises and reps to do.

So far I am on day 2 of using the Wii Fit and I will keep you updated but I am not brave enough to discuss numbers with you or pictures. That would just be to cruel to mankind. But if I could win either the Fitbit Zap or the Fitbit Aria in the Get Fit Feel Epic competition from competition that 2starsandaswirl is doing I would be well made up.


Connecting a Wii to a new TV – I just had to connect a Wii to Samsung HD TV. I’m not technically minded but the lead that came with the Wii didn’t fit the back of the TV as the TV didn’t have a scart plug. After trawling several shops trying to work out what I needed one very kind gent explained that what I needed was actually sitting at home already. When the new Samsung HD TV arrived it came with an array of ‘bits’ that I was convinced I would never need. Luckily I put them in a safe place as amongst them was the adapter I needed. So if you’re trying to connect a Wii to a new TV instead of thinking you need all new leads, check what adapters the new TV came with.


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