Day Two or Hello This Is Me

It dawned on me in the early hours that I have been very rude and not introduced myself properly. *waves* hello, I’m Kairen, nice to meet you. Although Not Perfect is fairly new I am rather far too long in the tooth at this blogging lark as I also have Confessions of a Single Mum where I try to get across that it’s ok to be a single mum. I left my ex-husband about 11 years ago and have never remarried. Nor have I taken the plunge to live with a bloke either.  I do though have a partner/boyfriend/coffee maker, but as we don’t live together and I still consider myself a single parent still. He has no influence or authority over my two children so all the boring parenting stuff is done by muggings here.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with M.E. This meant a massive lifestyle change and included stopping full time as an employee. I then made the bold the step of going self employed so that I could and can work the hours around M.E. As well as Confessions I look after several other sites of my own and also several customers sites. There is more about me at (that’s me that is).  All that computer work isn’t good for the M.E so I also indulge in my first love of art and craft. I work on Karoove as that gets me away from the computer and into the lovely world of glue and glitter.

Over at Confessions of a Single Mum I am busy in the background updating the benefit section. There have been a few benefit changes and I learnt of two other benefits that parents with children might not be aware of, Care to Learn and Parents Learning Allowance. The new benefit section will be up shortly. But in the meantime here are the two benefits that I have learnt about.

Care To Learn is for parents who are under 20 (at the start of their course) who need help with childcare costs. It is only available for courses in England. This can include course like schools, school 6th forms and 6th form colleges. You could get up to £160 per child if you live outside London (£175 in London). Payment is paid directly to the childcare provider. For more details

Parents Learning Allowance is for full time students with children and you could get up to £1,508 a year . The money can help with things lie books, study materials and travel and doesn’t have to be paid back. How much you get does depend on your household income but it won’t affect your benefits or tax credit. For more details.



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