After what seems forever where the whole of the country has been under snow, the forecast is that it will be warming up slightly in the next day or two. Now to have the whole country affected by snow has been news worthy news every day. But there is one county that hasn’t had any snow. And I, the big snow lover, lives in that county, Cornwall. We’ve not had any. We have all been on snow watch within the family on watching everyone elses statuses on facebook. Soon as someone shouts snowflake we all rush to the nearest window and sink. It was just that , 1 snowflake.

But are we a county thats been very lucky or unlucky? We all that snow disrupts everything in the UK even when its been forecasted and warned about in advance. Schools close down. Trains cant run and everything comes to a stop. We all rush out to the nearest hill and sledge till we have to behave like adults again. So if you look at from that point we have been lucky.

But there is the other side to consider. The fact that anything and everything just looks so magical and pretty when its covered in snow. There is a silence like no other when all you can see is snow. There is the exciting breath holding as the children hover around the radio waiting to hear of their school has been one of the lucky ones and closed. The day is then full of snowball fights and snow shovelling with red shiny noses and then being warmed up by the fire with mugs of hot chocolate.


Which camp are you in, you a snow lover or hater. Me? As long as the family is safely at home and we dont have to go anywhere I am a snow lover.

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