Well That Didnt Last Long Did It

Write every day was the plan, write about what ever was on my mind was the plan. Try to do it for the whole year was the plan. I lasted all of a pathetic 25 days. For heavens sake where is the stamina in 25 days. There isn’t any.

What happened  Did the world stop spinning- doh no , if it had I would have posted about it. Did something really exciting happen ? Er no again I would have blogged about it. Did something awful happen or the family get struck down with flu?  Your not getting the hang of this ….I would have blogged about it.

So ? Well it was that thing called life. You know that mind blowing monotony ( I have just learnt I can not pronounce monotony ….or spell it) of getting kids to school, laundry washed, dried and distributed to various bedrooms, the endless shopping, cooking and eating  and all those housework chores that never go away and never actually look like you done anything but defiantly look like you not done anything when you dont bother.

How I ever use to have time to work full time I never will understand. And this is in a age where life is jammed full of labour saving devices. We have dishwashers to save us from washing the dishes. Washing machines to wash clothes so that were not beating clothes with stones down at the river bank. Phones so that we dont have to waste precious hours writing letters, replying to letters and then walking to the post office . All these things to save time and yet we have less time then ever.


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