And Whoosssh Its September

There I was plodding along and minding my own getting on with that odd thing called life and BAMMM its September. I suddenly have a cardigan on after about 8 weeks of being in t-shirts and I am looking for the allusive P.E kit. Why is it the P.E kit that always gets lost every summer holidays? Its not like its been anywhere , all it has to do is sit in the corner being smelly. The two girls have started college already at the beginning of the week. For my daughter its her first year so we’ve had induction days, meet ups and goodness knows what else. She didn’t say she was nervous but I know her well enough to know she wasn’t thrilled at the idea. 3 days in and you would have thought she had been there all her life. Our new addition, OH daughter, has also started at the same college. She is about 7 weeks older than my daughter so is an old pro at this college lark having completed one course already. She too has settled in well.

My son is the only one left at secondary school and he returns this Friday. Uniform has been sorted , his legs were only thing that grew this year, and is all present and correct. School bag is still the old faithful backpack that he is happy with. The allusive P.E kit is yet to make an appearance and with days to go my son has realised he needs new bits of P.E kit. Why he can’t remember these things at the beginning of the holidays is beyond me but we I say this to him every year.

So were nearly there. I am nearly back to peace and quiet  and my routine. Soon I can have which ever radio station I want on my radio instead of having to be subjected to all sorts of loud noise. Soon I can sneak onto the sofa for sneaky 5 minute snooze, not that I ever do that of course. And all this returning to normality signals the start of autumn and I can’t wait.


p.s the dear me is on the back burner till I have more time. Something had to give and afraid it was that. I will re-date the remaining prompts and restart soon

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